Skellig Beag, Co. Kerry 2017

[RE] C O N D I T I O N is an ongoing, long term project documenting the many Islands off the coasts of Ireland. The first volume ‘Shadows Follow’  explores the west coast in particular through themes surrounding ‘Objet petit a’ – the unattainable object of desire, through the characteristics of addiction and learned behaviour, challenging our memory and recall of factual events. The work aims to illustrate that we are addicted to nostalgia – always remembering people, things, places, or events, better (or differently) than what they were and usually longing for something we don’t possess.

Utilising the legacy of traditional Irish storytelling, the project is conveyed via a variety of land and seascapes in several mediums including; fine art photographic prints, digital c-types, glass plates and handmade cyanotype prints. Similar scenes are captured from varying viewpoints and produced in different formats, mimicking the way we remember – recalling memories slightly different each time to suit our personal narrative.

Skellig Michael II, 2021

Vol I: Shadows Follow

Volume I: Shadows Follow, examines different archipelagos off the South West of Ireland including The Skellig Islands, The Blasket Islands, Cape Clear, and Sherkin Island.

The display takes a more sculptural form using reclaimed wood and glass negatives to represent memories held in place and the unattainable object of desire.

Skellig Michael I, 2017 Cyanotype
Skellig Michael III, 2021
Deirfiúracha II, Sea Stacks, Blasket Islands, 2021
Blasket Sound, Sea Cave I, 2019