[RE]CONDITION VOL II: Muir Éireann, looks at both Ireland and The UK’s struggle against the Climate Crisis through the context of The Irish Sea, and it’s natural and historical factors. The seascapes and coastal landscapes aim to highlight the importance of communication and commonality between these countries. 

This series additionally celebrates coastal communities, their creative ability to entertain and their resounding respect for the sea. These communities, on both sides of The Irish Sea, right on the water’s edge, are where basic needs were originally met, where livelihoods were formed and where a deep dependency on the water was born.  

As passage, invasion, trade, consumption, recreation and industry grew, the Irish Sea became more utliliesed, exploited and relied upon by multiple surrounding countries. Yet, it is still an unpredictable and uncontrollable environment that can halt human movement and enterprise almost instantaneously. These wild waters have always been a challenging habitat for us to navigate and use to our advantage, but the more we reap from it the more damage we inflict, and unfortunately it seems as if only few truly understand this.